The Truth is You want to make buttloads of money online without the fear, confusion and the overwhelm.
>You're done playing small with your business, you want to show up as your bold self, get noticed, and STOP the dancing around on the sidelines- YOU ARE SO SICK AND TIRE OF THAT GARBAGE. 

>You're so done with the overwhelm of "what do I do to get noticed and make money?" You just want a rinse and repeat plan that you can follow daily that will give you consistent results for putting the cash money in your bank.

* You are especially done with worrying about what others think of you, imposter syndrome, the unworthiness you feel when it comes to making your own money. You need to find a way to cut through all the mental BS that is holding you back so you can step out and SHINE like you know are supposed to.

*You're so frustrated with thinking you need an expensive website, logo, marketing team, pro-photos, you just want to show the fuck up and serve your people.

*You're so over the shiny object syndrome of watching 6 figure Cindy with her perfect photos and curated coffee photos, thinking that you need that to be successful. You need a way to drop the insecurities, and victimy mentality FAST.

*You know your attitude and mindset are shitty and no matter what TEDtalk or personal development book you dive into... nothing is helping.

*You're so sick and tired of being frustrated, unfocused, and now the rest of your life is starting to suffer.
It's time to wake up and ask yourself the hard honest question...
Chica, you know what you want.
You want to be noticed, you want to serve people with your expertise, and you want people to line up to buy your shit.
There is no reason on this planet to feel guilt for wanting fame and money.

It's the shit programs you grew up with that are keeping you small, THAT ARE DENYING YOU OF YOUR POTENTIAL.
that are keeping you from making all the dollars you WANT and you know you deserve... 

BUT YOU ARE FUCKING SCARED OF FEELING DESERVING OF MONEY because you don't want to get punished for wanting what you desire.

I get it, I totally understand, because I have been there.
And let me tell you these shit programs can run deep, but that doesn't mean you get to throw in the towel and quit.

You can change them in an instant, and all you have to do is DECIDE.

Decide that you are worth making money D-A-I-L-Y and that what you have to offer people is fucking GLITTERING GOLD.

Decide that you deserve a foundation in your business that is solid and you can fall back on... which means you get to DECIDE who the fuck you are, DECIDE who the fuck you serve, and DECIDE how the fuck you serve them.

This is your business, your life, and you run the show.

No more waiting for someone to save you, or someone to give you the secret you have been waiting for.
You just have to go out there and GET WHAT IS YOURS.
You are one decision away from making your life actually start to happen.
Yea, as "woo-woo" as you may think it is, it REALLY is that simple.
Hey There! I'm Lyndsay Chollak, 
the turn fear into assets, show up real, Coach for entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of playing small.

I'm here to wake you up to the fire that is within you to step into your god-given success already.

If you are not confident, focused and obsessed with what you're doing your bank account will be empty and your heart will be left unfulfilled.

The magic is within you when you DECIDE to own what you are here to do and go after, with confidence what you really and truly desire.

When this happens, the consistent income, customers and clients start rolling in from all directions.
That feeling that you've made it, that things are flowing and your business is finally working.

It happens when you decide you're done playing small, decide that you are worthy of having an audience that loves buying from you, and decide you are not going to quit until it's yours.

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
The Program Overview:

The Fuck Yasssss Foundations is a program for female entrepreneurs who wants to take the confusion around her business away, and show up without filters and make money consistently

Fuck Yasssss Foundations is all about having the "what you do, who you serve and how you serve" clear as day so you will be able to continuously make money month after month, and day after day.

Getting your insecurities out of the way is the first and most important task on this Fuck Yassss journey.

I will share with you as a former insecure, imposter syndrome people pleaser survivor what I have personally done to break through the bull shit that had kept me hiding for way too long, so you don't have to spend years doing personal development to overcome your shit.

The next thing is deciding who you are in this online world, and how you WANT to show up and serve in a way that magnetizes your people to you.

No spammy DMs everyone and their dog, no sales calls, no sleaziness of any kind. Showing up as the real you make YOUR people come to you. 

You and your people can smell the bullshit from a mile away and they are craving someone just like you that understands where they have been and has the solution they have been dreaming about.

I'll teach you how to create content that is fun and speaking in your powerful voice. No hiding, no people pleasing, just you, and your people just can't get enough. 

Where to get neverending content, so you never ever ever have to feel that creating content is annoying and hard.

I'll also teach you the most up to date methods of using organic FB strategies that actually work and get more eyes on your stuff, more people in your audience, and more money in your bank account.

I'll also show you my money-making content calender that I use EVERY MONTH to make consistent money, and it has NEVER FAILED.
What's included?
4 Detailed, step by step trainings that will cover all the foundations that you need to create an unbreakable mind and business foundation where NOTHING and NO ONE can hold you back from your success.

Module 1, Mindset, Coaches Code of Conduct, and Boundary Creation. 
This is my personal mindset creed, my secret personal code of conduct, and how I set boundaries I maintain consistency day after day and month after month in my business. 
This has been a complete game-changer for me.
*Workbook Included.

Module 2, 
Biz Basics, What the F are you serving and Who are you serving it to?
Tapping into your badass self and being able to show up unfiltered and unapologetic.
Discover the truth behind niching down and how you can do it, even if you are multi-passionate.
AND how to choose your Fuck Yasssss clients that are a JOY to serve without chasing them down and begging them to throw you a bone.
*Workbook Included.

Module 3, Expert Messaging and Positioning. (this is not sexual... haha)
Creating Fuck Yasssss magnetic content that is bold, truthful, scroll stopping and speaks directly to your ideal client. I will also teach you various ways to create content, repurpose it, and NEVER EVER run out of ideas.
*Workbook Included.

Module 4, 
Setting up the Stage and Building your Platform
You'll learn how doing everything, is producing nothing and how to effectively set up boundaries that will prevent you from ever struggling emotionally, energetically, and spiritually again.
*Workbook Included.

BONUS 1: Money Making Calendar
30 days of action steps that lead only to your success. This is what I use month after month to generate consistent revenue. Video and workbook included.

BONUS 2: Mini Program: Freebies that Make You Monies
What if you made money every day in your business without a huge audience? How to create them, where to put them, that won't cost you a dime AND SIMULTANEOUSLY building your audience and your email list!
2 Videos and workbook included.

BONUS 3: VIDEO: How to Still Make Money When You Are Feeling DESPERATE AF.
I think this is pretty self-explanatory. We have all been there... wanting to make money yesterday. 
When there are bills to pay and mouths to feed, how do you show up authentically and in alignment with making money? This video will show you how.

BONUS 4: VIDEO: Breaking the anger and sadness cycle training.
All of you experience this and it leads to destructive behaviour.
How to catch it and shift it faster than you can say, "skittles."

BONUS 5: 3 Day Challenge Video Series, "Feast and Famine... F$%@ OFF!"
The real reason your bank account looks like a roller coaster ride at Six Flags, and it has nothing to do with your marketing.


*All videos are recorded and you have lifetime access to all the materials.

What Others Are Saying...

"No BS."

Lyndsay keeps it real. One of the most straight forward people I know. Very refreshing. If Lyndsay says she is going to do something, only a small global crisis will stop her. 
The absolute most generous soul I’ve ever met. 

Laurie B -  Calgary, AB Canada

"Lyndsay is a person whose super-power helped me find mine."

 Through our many talks she helped me out of the recesses of dysfunctional family challenges and helped me learn to speak my mind. Her respect for my thoughts and her understanding of the depths of my pain, gave me the courage to speak and write more. I am a NYC restaurant critic writing for an on-line publication. I owe the trust in my voice and ability to write my thoughts as I see fit to Lyndsay’s talent as a brilliant nurturer of my dreams as they gradually unfolded.
Pam - NYC, NY
"You are an absolute blessing Lyndsay, and for all, you have done so far and will continue to do from afar, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are just phenomenal. You understand me explicitly. "
Alanna L - Health Coach
"Lyndsay is brilliant. Mindset is her sweet spot. As someone who also works with entrepreneurs, this is needed. Having someone like Lyndsay that specializes in Mindset is essential."
Melanie Scott - Business Coach + Podcaster
Ready to say "Fuck Yasssss" to creating a business you love and making money on your terms?

One Payment of $397
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Are you finally ready to stop playing guessing games your business, start building the following and making the money you deserve?

One Payment of $397
or 5 Weekly Payments of $84

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